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Tell Me About Your Dog! - Part 2

Nerve has become a catch phrase for almost everything. Good nerve, bad nerve, weak nerve, strong nerve, thin nerve, thick nerve. Where do these terms come from? And more importantly, what do they mean?

Tell Me About Your Dog! - Part I

The SV celebrates 100 years this year, so for all intents and purposes Schutzhund training has been around for close to 100 years as well. In that time countless books have been written, and even more seminars have been taught, and let's not even start on how many conversations and discussions were held late into the night on the topic of dog training.

Helmut Raiser's View on Which Drives Are Useful During Protection Training

Prey-drive, defense-drive, fighting-drive, etc. are the catch phrases of modern protection training. They are thrown around at every seminar we attend, they are the subjects of countless articles, but rarely do people agree on what is being said about these "drives."

Protection Obedience: a Closer Look - Part 2

The dog needs to learn to accept guidance from the handler. The key word here is guidance. The way many dogs act the first time an obedience exercise is asked of them in protection, I would say it is not disobedience that is happening.

Protection Obedience: a Closer Look - Part 1

Again, I have to go by my observations on the training field. Once protection training begins, obedience is not given very much thought. Oh, don't misunderstand me, we all demand it. Hell, we need it to get our titles. The dog needs to be obedient during protection, we all know that.

Problem Solving in the Hold and Bark

After my last article I was really stumped for my next topic. There are so many things one can write about. But with a lot of topics I found that a magazine article would either be too general and not of any great value or way too long and detailed to go into a magazine.

Defense Drive Promotion

In the last two articles I had the opportunity to discuss Prey Drive Promotion. I feel that protection training should always begin there.

Bitesuit-work for Schutzhund Dogs

A few weeks ago I got into a bit of a debate with another trainer over the fact that I did bitesuit work with a dog who is destined to be a competitive Schutzhund dog.

Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 4

Restraint, tapping, sniffing, platz, reward.Be sure to maintain the restraint part of the set up. Handlers sometimes get a little rushed and let go of it too fast.

Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 3

Part 1&2 of this article was a discussion of the fundamental concepts of tracking and teaching tracking. I'd like to focus part 3 on a crucial part of Schutzhund (or VPG) tracking, articles.