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Anal-sac Disease - How To Deal With Anal-sac Disease At Home


Is you dog or cat scooting, licking and smelling their rear exit? If they are exhibiting such weird behavior then there must be something wrong with their anus or their anal sac. An animal's anal sacs are strategically located on both sides of the anus cheeks, just under the skin in the opening.

How To Help Your Dog's Painful Joints


Dogs are a man's best friend because they simply make excellent companions and remain constantly loyal. They share many of our joys and can alleviate our sorrows. However, that is not all they share with humans. Just like humans, dog's can have arthritis too and it is just as painful and as debilitating for dogs as it is for humans.

Choosing The Right Joint Supplements For Your Pet


The muscles in human body weaken due to age. This is the reason some people have a hard time holding things or standing up straight. Such symptoms are also seen in dogs and cats so those who own one should know how to choose the right joint supplements for your pet.

Got Fleas? 7 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Them


Fleas are pesky critters that can transmit a variety of diseases and illnesses and make life miserable for your pet as well. Getting rid of these pests is essential for a healthy, happy home for all of its two-legged and four-legged inhabitants. Here are seven easy ways to prevent and control the flea population around your house.

How To Help Your Dog When It Has Had A Stroke


It may come as a shock to you to find out that your dog has suffered from a stroke. Unlike humans, when a dog has a stroke, he often won't become paralyzed or display any of the human signs of stroke. In fact, with the right care and attention, chances are he will bounce right back within a short period after suffering from a stroke, especially if he has a little help.

How To Treat Eye Infections In Pets


Pet owners want the best for the pets and that includes keeping their pets healthy by trying to prevent diseases and illnesses and treating them when they occur. Unfortunately eye infections are fairly common in pets. They can crop up on their own or occur when something lodges in the eye. They can also occur when the surface of the eye, called the cornea, gets scratched.