Mary Stevens

Tail Wagging Secrets You Need To Know (Part 1)


Dogs are amazingly social animals that have evolved a pattern of behaviors that are meant to communicate their feelings and emotions to the living things around them. While humans rely mostly on vocalizations and the tone, cadence and volume of their speech to communicate their mood ...

Tail Wagging Secrets You Need To Know (Part 2)


By noticing your dog's tail in different types of settings, activities and environments you can quickly learn to distinguish what your dog is signaling just by the position and movement of the tail. Keep in mind that dogs with docked tails or very short tails, or breeds that carry their tails curled up tightly on their backs such as the Pomeranian, Spitz and Malamutes will have a slightly different method...

Just How Smart Is Your Dog?


As humans we all know that everyone learns differently and there are many different types of intelligence. While most people would agree that dogs are not the same type of "smart" as humans, they are intelligent in their own way. A standardized test for dog intelligence really doesn't make much sense, since different breeds and types of dogs have been bred and trained to enhance specific characteristics, making them naturally better and ...