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The World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV) Breed Standard

The German Shepherd Dog is medium sized. With the hair pressed down, the height at the withers is measured by stick along the vertical as it follows the line of the elbow from the withers to the ground.

Puppy Socialization

Starting one week after you get your puppy (age 8 or 9 weeks), get him out one day a   week to a new situation he has never seen before.

The Dark Side of Rendering Plants

Death is the number one commodity in a business where the demand for feed ingredients far exceeds the supply of raw product.

The Schutzhund Sport

SCHUTZHUND is a German word meaning "protection dog" It refers to a sport that focuses on developing and evaluating those traits in dogs that make them more useful and happier companions to their owners.

DDR Sieger & Siegerin

DDR Sieger & Siegerin 1949 - 1989.