5 Tips To Easy Puppy Potty Training

The sooner you potty train your puppy the better. You want to establish good habits from the start. And, a dog who has never gone potty in the house will never consider the house a place *to* go potty. I’ve always found the puppies we purchased from actual working farms (NOT puppy farms) were the easiest to house-train.

Resolve Your Dog Separation Anxiety


Dogs do misconduct when they are going through separation anxiety. Some of this misbehavior can be very negative and unsafe to the dog or even the public around them. Behavior problem connected to separation anxiety includes, excessive barking, chewing, destroying things, scratching, out of place urination, defecation, and other self damaging behavior.

Puppy care tips


Puppies try to jump at anything and everything during their first year of life. It is worth knowing that this behavior will remain the same when the puppy grows into am adult dog.

Your Dogs Instincts - A Modern Day Pet or Primal Beast?


A dog has many instincts, and as a pet owner you must understand these instincts to fully understand your dog.

Raising Puppies: Be Positive

Bringing home the puppy home is one of the most enjoyable things that you can enjoy with the young puppy. After that, you are now thrusts into the role of a mother hen or an alpha male type of owner to raise the dog properly.

The Courage Test at the Sieger Show.


 The history and the Standard of the German Shepherd Dog are, and should be, intimately related to the “parent club” of the breed. That’s true with any breed. If one does not agree with that underlying principle of almost everything concerning the breed, then unity in the sport and identification as a breed will suffer. An English Springer Spaniel that does not look anything like the historic or the British dog perhaps should have “English” dropped from its name in countries where breed type has strayed significantly. The Australian Cattle Dog, if it starts looking like a Whippet after drifting in Transylvania, should not retain that name. If some of the Yanks or the Brits want a different breed than the internationally traditional GSD, let them call theirs the Alsatian or something else, rather than the German Shepherd. Character should reflect this philosophy as much as physical appearance does...


Dogs that bite might be broadly categorized into two groups: dogs that think they can; and dogs that think they must. Dogs in the first group think they can at the dog's discretion. Dogs in the second group have, in the dog's perception, been put into the position that it feels it has no other choice. There is a big difference in the approach to dealing with each group, and a lot of variation within the approaches to the individual dogs.



Management is another word for controlling the environment. It involves making changes in your dog’s immediate living conditions and situations. Management will help you to PREVENT some problems from happening, especially with a puppy or young dog.



Your dog sees the world differently than we do. If we learn to "think dog", we can avoid some kinds of trouble (especially with dogs and small children) and communicate with our dogs more easily.