Osteochondrodysplasias Leg Deformities and Dwarfism - in the Canine


There has been renewed interest in the subject of "abnormal" bone lengths, joints, angles between limbs, and related phenotypic variations from what I have called "the ancestral type". We need to establish some definitions of terms before entering into a discussion of the subject. The "ancestral" phenotype in my arbitrary definition (which, however, is in line with the views of many...

Pituitary Dwarfism in the German Shepherd Dog


Dwarfism is a condition of abnormally small stature, and usually is characterized by altered body proportions. There are several causes and types. Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, and Corgis are examples of achondroplastic dwarfs; they have more or less normal-sized torsos and heads but shortened limbs, and are accepted as typical of their breed. Alaskan Malamutes, on the other hand, are not considered acceptable if they have their particular blood-cell-related disease. In that breed, both achondroplastic dwarfism and hemolytic anemia are inherited as pleiotropic conditions, caused by the same genetic anomaly; i.e., a single gene giving multiple phenotype effects. Additionally, there are dwarfism abnormalities in other breeds, such as pseudochondroplastic dysplasia in Miniature Poodles. ..



Most worms (nematodes) settle and grow in the small intestine, though some species are found in the cecum, heart, lung, and other tissues in various stages of development. The intestinal nematodes produce eggs, which are carried with the digestive products to exit in the feces. But since the egg-laying does not always coincide with the dog's bowel movements, stool samples may not show the presence of worms. A 5 day sampling will probably reveal some eggs if hookworms or roundworms are present...

Vigor and Longevity as a Matter of Choices


There is no one “secret to a long and healthy life”, although many make money by selling books, products, and programs based on such a title and concept. But there certainly is a combination of ignorance and lack of will that inhibits most of us from reaching toward that goal...

EWWW! Urine Samples, Anal glands, and Dandruff


When most people get a dog, they think of the fun times they will have with their new furry companion. But there are many things that aren't so pleasant that we as dog owners must consider to keep our friends happy and healthy...

Basic Care and Maintenance for Your Pup's Pearly Whites


Many people do not realize the importance of caring for their dog?s teeth. As dogs age, the need for dental care increases. The best way to ensure proper dental health...

Chill Out: Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Hot Summer Sun


Summer is typically a time of great family fun and activity. The days are long and warm, the kids are on vacation, and the sun worshipers are out in full force. Unfortunately, the season also brings with it some very specific hazards...

Did You Just Eat That?


Did you just eat that? 10 things found in your home that can kill your dog. Dogs are very curious animals and as omnivores and natural scavengers, can get into and eat just about anything. However, there are many toxic substances found in your home...

Does This Collar Make my Butt Look Big?


any owners think their pudgy dogs are adorable, when in fact they are extremely unhealthy. Overweight dogs can develop the same kinds of problems that overweight humans can...

Stages of Whelphing a Litter of Puppies

Your dog being pregnant can be a nerve racking time for owners who have not had the experience before. Just like with human babies the first is the most challenging and if you intend on doing this often – don't worry it gets easier with practice...