Tell Me About Your Dog! - Part I

The SV celebrates 100 years this year, so for all intents and purposes Schutzhund training has been around for close to 100 years as well. In that time countless books have been written, and even more seminars have been taught, and let's not even start on how many conversations and discussions were held late into the night on the topic of dog training.

Tell Me About Your Dog! - Part 2

Nerve has become a catch phrase for almost everything. Good nerve, bad nerve, weak nerve, strong nerve, thin nerve, thick nerve. Where do these terms come from? And more importantly, what do they mean?

Tell Me About Your Dog! - Part 3

I believe that reading dogs is one of the most important parts of dog training. In part one of this article I tried to address general qualities in dogs that we hear often when dogs and their training are discussed.

Tell Me About Your Dog! - Part 4

There are a few more points I'd like to mention regarding defense drive. I strongly believe that these three defense drive categories are pre-determined and that this predetermination sets limits to how much we can change through training. Comments like we need to put more defense into this dog make me cringe and feel sorry for the dog.

Tell Me About Your Dog! - Part 5

This brings me to the end of the discussion of fighting ?drive?. The major contributing components I have been able to isolate are the six I just described: prey drive, defense drive, frustration aggression, social aggression, dominance behavior, and rage.

Two Sides to Everything - Part 1

A good foundation is where everything starts. I've covered foundation topics over the past few months and looking back, I think I missed something. The reason for that is probably because what I will discuss in this article may not become an issue until later in a dog's career.

Two Sides to Everything - Part 2

I would say that the easiest exercise to practice with an arm on the right is the hold and bark. It does not involve a lot of mechanics from the helper. The picture of the helper with the sleeve on the left is a familiar one.

Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 1

Tracking books, videos, articles, and seminars have one thing in common. They are written, produced or taught by people.

Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 2

I call this my colored dot concept. Let me be clear here, this is totally made up and only an aid to help people understand things a little better.

Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 3

Part 1&2 of this article was a discussion of the fundamental concepts of tracking and teaching tracking. I'd like to focus part 3 on a crucial part of Schutzhund (or VPG) tracking, articles.