Your Dogs Water and Beverages - Things Pet Owners Should Consider


A constant supply of fresh water is essential to your dog's good health and comfort. Water is very important, representing an estimated...

Bones for Your Dog - Delicious Treat or A Deadly Snack?


Lets face it, dogs love bones, they always have and always will. But, could they spell disaster for your best friend?

Feeding Your Dog - Could You Be Feeding Your Dog the Wrong Things?


Dogs have very specific needs when it comes to their diet. This article talks about many of the different needs for different breeds.

Commercial Dog Food Diets for Your Dog - Could They be the Right Choice?


When choosing a commercial dog food there are hundreds of choices. Be sure that you know which one contains the right ingredients for your dog.

Could A Homemade Diet Be Best for Your Dog?


When choosing a dog food there are hundreds of choices. For lots of pets, none of these choices are the right one.

Pugs: Diet Do's and Don'ts


Be careful what you feed your family member the Pug. They have a lot of gastric type upset so you should know what to feed and also the manner in which your Pug is fed. This can make all the difference on how your Pug feels.

Building a Good Foundation . . . Naturally

There are many ways in which Nature can assist in one of the most natural processes; the miracle of birth. Before you breed your dog, she should be in excellent health and condition.

Introduction to Acidophilus?

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a type of 'friendly' bacteria (AKA the garden within) that assists in the digestion of proteins, a process in which lactic acid...

Dog Eat Dog - The Grisly Truth

There 's a retail boom going on in in North America. While consumer spending is down in many areas, savvy companies have learned that there is very little the doting owner can deny their pet.

Back Pain in Dogs

Disorders of the spinal vertebrae and their associated backaches belong therefore to any list of most frequent illnesses in many breeds, particularly the German Shepherd Dog.