Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 1

Tracking books, videos, articles, and seminars have one thing in common. They are written, produced or taught by people.

Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 2

I call this my colored dot concept. Let me be clear here, this is totally made up and only an aid to help people understand things a little better.

Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 3

Part 1&2 of this article was a discussion of the fundamental concepts of tracking and teaching tracking. I'd like to focus part 3 on a crucial part of Schutzhund (or VPG) tracking, articles.

Only the NOSE really KNOWS Part 4

Restraint, tapping, sniffing, platz, reward.Be sure to maintain the restraint part of the set up. Handlers sometimes get a little rushed and let go of it too fast.

Training is its own reward : Tracking

In a small wood belt to the south, bordering a dry creek, a flock of songbirds sing in praise of the coming sunset. Orange and blue are the primary colors, with long, wispy clouds that draw the eye and the heart towards the heavens. Between the trees and the tilled field, just to the north, the tall grass rattles in the light breeze.

General Aspects of Behavior by Lost Persons

People who are lost may experience differing types of reactions. They may panic, become depressed or suffer from "woods shock." Panic usually implies tearing around or thrashing through the brush, but in its earlier stages it is less frantic. Most lost people go through some of the stages.

The Dumbbell Retrieve:

First off, the dumbbell is an incredibly important part to the obedience phase of a schutzhund routine. Out of a 100 point Schutzhund 1 obedience routine, the dumbbell is worth 25 points. In the Schutzhund 2 and 3 it is worth 40 points out of a 100. This just demonstrates the importance of a good dumbbell retrieve.

Theory of Scent

Under ideal conditions, a track footprints) across a nice grassy field with a sufficient delay in time to allow bacteria reaction on the soil causing a good odor is probably the best type of track to have.

Scent - Pheremones and Odor

Compare the canine's nose Inside) to the human nose--it is much longer. The olfactory lobe of the canine is many times larger. Therefore, his brain's ability to register different smells is many times greater than ours.

Serpentine Tracks

All the existing literature on tracking introduces tracking by beginning with straight line tracks with a reward and/or article at the end.