So You Are Looking for a Brood Bitch? Part 1

I once had a dog, an expensive dog, she was. An import, yes siree. Superb specimen she was, with an immaculate family tree, starting with a famous father and a mother who in turn was a daughter of another famous one. How could one go wrong?



I was sitting down to write an article for the Los Angeles County GSDC so they might be a little better prepared for my judging their show Apr. 25, 1999, but then realized most exhibitors will not be members.

The World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV) Breed Standard

The German Shepherd Dog is medium sized. With the hair pressed down, the height at the withers is measured by stick along the vertical as it follows the line of the elbow from the withers to the ground.

What is a Breed Survey?


For most people involved in the sport of Schutzhund, breeding is a secondary priority to training for and obtaining titles. Those with females may breed one litter a year, while the males may be used mainly for breeding to bitches within the same geographic area.

The 1997 WUSV German Shepherd Dog Standard


Since the official establishment in Augsburg, within the German Canine Association known as the VDH (German "Kennel Club"), the parent club of the breed, the Club for German Shepherd Dogs (SV), is responsible for the breed Standard of the German Shepherd Dog.

Körordnung (Breed Survey Rules)


The Verein für Deutsche Shäferhunde (SV) e.V. [Club for GSDs Inc.] is the parent club for the breed, and has responsibility for it and its Standard, which is acknowledged by the German (VDH) and international (FCI) Kennel Clubs.

Zuchtschauordnung (SV Germany) Conformation Show Rules


Breed Show (SV Conformation Show) Rules, Germany 1997 version, translated by Fred Lanting.

DDR Sieger & Siegerin

DDR Sieger & Siegerin 1949 - 1989.