The 2004 SV/WUSV/FCI Rules for the BH Qualification


Participants who for the first time enter a BH trial and who have not furnished appropriate proof of this special experience, must pass a specified written examination before the date of the event, to the satisfaction of the trial judge, before they and their dogs are tested in the practical part.

Bitesuit-work for Schutzhund Dogs

A few weeks ago I got into a bit of a debate with another trainer over the fact that I did bitesuit work with a dog who is destined to be a competitive Schutzhund dog.

Building Drive in Obedience

Discussions over the last few years regarding the protection phase center around active and reactive aggression. In these discussions the importance of having a dog initiate the work is generally agreed to by most.



Several of my students have asked how to manage a dog that jumps on the counter when the owner is either in or out of the room, and clears all the contents.



The problem with dog crates is convincing people that crating a dog is not cruel and unusual punishment!

Protection for the Working Class


The following outline will hopefully make the protection phase for the Working Class dogs in the show more consistent and allow handlers to know exactly what is expected.


Unlike most dog events, working dog competitions are not so much a test of how well a dog can do a particular exercise, but a more fundamental examination of the dog's temperament.

Defense Drive Promotion

In the last two articles I had the opportunity to discuss Prey Drive Promotion. I feel that protection training should always begin there.

Problem Solving in the Hold and Bark

After my last article I was really stumped for my next topic. There are so many things one can write about. But with a lot of topics I found that a magazine article would either be too general and not of any great value or way too long and detailed to go into a magazine.



Electronic fences (also known as "invisible fencing") have become popular in some areas. One advantage is cosmetic-- you can't see the fence, so it is allowable in housing areas that prohibit regular fences.