SG Lord vom Gleisdreieck
Sch3 FH3 KKL1a


Lord vom Gleisdreieck

Gut mittelgroß, kräftig, trocken, fest, Verhältnis und Ausdruck sehr gut, straffe, feste Ohren, sehr gute Haltung. Widerrist noch gut, Rückenlinie leicht hochgezogen, Kruppe und Vorhand gut, Kniewinkel leicht offen, Oberschenkel dürfte länger sein. Korrekte Front, gute Knochen und Fesselstraffheit. Geht gerade, Vortritt besser als Nachschub, noch gute Schrittweite. Wesen sicher, Härte, Mut und Kampftrieb ausgeprägt; läßt ab.


Lord was owned and trained by Baldur Kranz



Good medium size, strong, dry, firm, proportions and expression very good. Firm, strong ears, very good carriage. Withers still good, back line slightly drawn upward, croup and forehand good, knee angles slightly open, thigh could be longer. Correct front, good bone and firmness of pasterns. Goes straight, front reach better than rear drive, still good step length. Temperament sure, hardness, courage and fighting instinct pronounced; outs.Lord vom Gleisdreieck
WA 91: normal further development.

Lord is a 3 time Bundessieger German Democratic Republic ('85, '86, '87 DDR Meisterschaft) and 2 time winner of the East European Championship ('85 and '87).

Meisterschaft scores are:
    1985: 100/95/97.5
    1986: 100/97/98
    1987: 100/94.5/97

Lord got his SchH1 title with a perfect 300 points. Out of his first 19 trials,
he scored 15 perfect 100's in tracking. The lowest tracking score was 97.

Lord vom Gleisdreieck

This picture of Lord taken 2 months before his death on Christmas Day 1996

Lord vom Gleisdreieck

This is a copy of Lord's Scorebook

Lord vom Gleisdreieck

Total offspring evaluated 191

  • # of males 94
  • % of ear faults 4.6
  • % of testicle faults 4.3
  • % of dentition faults 5.4
  • % of longhairs 0
  • % of temperament faults 0.8
  • % of pigment faults 2.6
  • % SG or better 39.2
  • % 'a' hips 98.0

Mark Weston has been training dogs for 30 years. Mark has titled dogs in Obedience, Schutzhund, Ringsport and Tracking. He owns and trains German Shepherd Dogs.

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