Anal-sac Disease - How To Deal With Anal-sac Disease At Home


Is you dog or cat scooting, licking and smelling their rear exit? If they are exhibiting such weird behavior then there must be something wrong with their anus or their anal sac. An animal's anal sacs are strategically located on both sides of the anus cheeks, just under the skin in the opening.

They open up to the outside hole by tiny passageways or ducts located near the butt hole. There are glands within the anal sacs that produce a foul-smelling, dark, liquid substance. The anal sacs normally empty it as the animal takes a dump. Though their real purpose is still unknown to scientists, there is one theory that suggests that they may be used by the animal to mark its territory thousands of years ago.

Your pet dog or cat has a set of anal glands located on either or each side of the animal's anus. During their times in the wild the glands are used to secrete scent that wild dogs used to mark their territory, they do this when they take a dump or pee. Though the odorous liquid dries like the dog pooh, it leaves a certain odor known only to other dogs.

For specifically unknown reasons, there are some times that these glands get blocked or congested. This means for the dog that while more and more odorous liquid is produced, there is absolutely none can be traced in your dog's crap.

Some of the warning signs of a congested or blocked anal sac are rear scooting, bum licking in cats and dogs, foul odor coming out of your dog's rectum and inflammation of your cat or dog's rectum.

This normally happens when your dog is unable to empty the sac by itself. A full sac that is not losing any liquid may not cause immediate and drastic health issues with you dog, it may develop into impaction or infection that could be a very serious problem in the future.

Finding the remedy

One way of correcting this is by manually expressing your dog's anal glands. Expressing means to manually empty out the anal sac of your animal by using your hands or a certain medical equipment. Though it is not a medical operation the orientation is to have your dog's empty out its anal glands to prevent your animal from impacting and getting infected.

Impaction and infection can lead to sores in your pet's anal region, which could lead to sores everywhere in the body. Expression of the anal glands was concocted because of the way these glands would play a great part in expressing the animal's territory.

Manually expressing your dog's anal glands could be relatively easy even for first timers if these steps are followed carefully. Choose from either of your hands which one you will use to raise the tail and which hand will be used to squeeze. Now with one hand to hold up the tail and pull it towards the head, make sure that you do this very carefully.

Put a disposable cloth or tissue in the other hand. After you have done this put your thumb over one of the anal gland and your remaining fingers over the other and press in and apply pressure as you pull your fingers over the glands. The sacs will empty out its contents into your tissue. Thats all there is to it.

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