How to Understand & Prevent Dog Fights

Dogs are very active creatures that enjoy being able to run and jump and play. This need for physical activity is usually satisfied by being able to be outside for a specific time every day. Some dogs have no problem playing with humans, or other dogs; on the other hand, some dogs do not play well with other dogs. It is important to know your own dogs personality regarding fighting before you take a walk or go to a park where other dogs may be.

There are different reasons a dog fights other dogs, and each dog's case is different. Two dogs that live in the same house may have completely different reasons for wanting to fight other dogs. There are a couple ways of finding out why a dog fights, but neither one is used widely.

Both ways of finding out a reason for the fights involves a professional, but neither way is common because they do not get much results. The first is to take your dog to a professional to be analyzed. This does not get results because the dog can not answer questions, so it is hard for us to get a good idea of what happened in the past to lead the dog to act this way. The second way is for the owner to go see a professional and discuss the dogs issues and how to help them, this is also not very popular either.

One way you can try and understand the dog's aggression or reason to fight is to look at the present circumstances your dog is dealing with. Look at the dogs surroundings, and try to figure out what is causing this behavior. If your dog is fighting every time another dog tries to come onto his territory, maybe he is afraid that the intruder is going to hurt his owner, or himself.

Some dogs fight as a way to survive and obviously if your dog is being attacked you would want them to defend themselves. Dog fights are very serious and dangerous, if your dog is involved in a dog fight you will want to keep your distance so that you don't get hurt, unless you know what you are doing. Dog fights can cause serious damage to both dogs, and could end in the death of one or both of the dogs.

When you are trying to stop a dog fight the best way is to wait until you can safely grab a collar, this is the safest way to get involved. Chances are this will not stop the fight though, but it will help keep the dogs under control.

You will also want to be careful because one minute it could be friendly play between friends, but quickly turn into a serious dog fight. It is not the playful dog fighting that anybody is worried about, playful dog fights are a great way for young dogs to strengthen their limbs, and body. It is also a great way for dogs to burn off excess energy. Only by paying attention to your dogs personality will you be able to tell if they are involved in a playful fight or a more serious dog fight.

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