When fitting the Ecollar on the dog it must as high on his neck as it can go, just beneath his jaw. The strap must also go very high, just behind the dog's ears. A dog's neck tapers as it joins to his shoulders, that is, it gets bigger. If the Ecollar is put on too loosely it will fit further down on his neck. If this is done, when the dog puts his head down as when sniffing the ground, the Ecollar will move towards the dog's head, loosening and the contact points won't make good contact with the skin of the dog's neck. Arcing may occur and this greatly raises the discomfort level of the stimulation and should be avoided, as it's not repeatable.

The strap must be snug on the dog's neck. If the dog starts to wheeze, the strap is pulled too tightly. SNUG is the operative word. If the dog shakes his head (such as when shaking off water) and the box containing the electronic parts moves to a different position on his neck, it's too loose. If you can easily grasp the box and move it to another location, it's too loose. But even if the Ecollar is put on snugly, if it's too low on the dog's neck, it will slide up and loosen when the dog lowers his head to the ground.

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