Introduction to Natural Immune Boosters Holistic

A properly functioning immune system is absolutely vital for good health. Problems arise when the immune system isn't running well (infection) or when it is over-reacting (allergies). There are many ways to make sure that your immune system is going to run smoothly and at the proper rate. Of course nutrition is tops on the list - without a good diet, your chances of a good immune system are seriously threatened. This means plenty of fresh whole foods and very little processed foods. Try to buy organic whenever possible - the fewer pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and other chemicals we ingest the better. Whether or not you are a vegetarian or not is up to you, but remember to balance all diets and drink plenty of good quality spring water. Tap water in most areas is full of nasty chemicals and carcinogens (most noticeably nitrates from fertilizing). A reverse osmosis water purifier is a good investment to make for wonderful water. Your exposure to chemicals also affects your immune system - try to limit the chemicals in your house and yard. Even ordinary things like bleach or window cleaner can be detrimental. Things like flea foggers/dips, chemical cleaners, new carpeting, lawn fertilzer, pesticides, new wood paneling, oven cleaner and the chemicals from exterminators are all common sources of harmful chemicals. Living near a nuclear reactor can increase your risk of some cancers, including leukemia. And of course, all this holds true for our animal companions as much as it does for ourselves. I believe in a completely raw and fresh diet for our animals. This includes meat, bone, vegetables, organs and various other niceties, like herbs, vitamins and oils. Diet is the very first step that needs to be taken. Please email me for more information on feeding a natural diet.

Exercise is another factor that must not be forgotten. Daily aerobic exercise is very important for ourselves and our animal companions. Many times you can combine workouts and feel better all the way around. Not only does exercise increase your metabolism and allow you to excrete toxins through your sweat, it is a good way to release stress. Stress is a factor in many (perhaps all) dis-eases. Some ways to decrease stress are exercise, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture or acupressure, Reiki and fun activities. Remember your body is a whole, intricate organism - every part affects every other part. A sinus infection may be from some blocked energy in your back, for example. Treat your body as a whole organism.

Possibly the best way to increase your immune strength (this goes hand in hand with the ideas I have just listed above) is homeopathy. Homeopathy is a branch of alternative medicine started about 200 years ago by a German scientist. Its premise is that "like cures like" and is practiced all over the world. The Queen of England's own personal physician is a homeopathic doctor. As with any doctors, there are some that are really good, and some that aren't. Screen your homeopath as you would any physician. If you need some more info on homeopathy and what it entails, I suggest you go to and do some reading. A list of physicians is there also. A homeopathic doctor will spend a long time talking with you and asking questions. This is to help him/her decide on what remedy you may need to get your vital force back on track. Everyone has a constitutional remedy, and a good homeopath can find that for you to set you right.

Chinese medicine and/or aryuveda are also popular ways of toning the immune system. You might want to check into these types of alternative medicine.

Essiac tea is becoming more and more popular.

Herbs are another popular way to increase immune strength. Even though they are all natural, care still needs to be taken in using any herbs. Competent herbologist will be able to help you and perhaps pick out some for you that are individualized. Some herbs shouldn't be used during pregnancy (or when trying to get pregnant) so please read up on the herbs before taking them. Others, like those in the mint family, can antidote homeopathy, so always ask your homeopathic doctor before using herbs. Sometimes the herb chamomile can cause allergy symptoms in those allergic to ragweed. If you know you are allergic to ragweed or think you are, I wouldn't recommend using chamomile. Also many herbs are wildcrafted, which means they are harvested from the wild. This is causing the rapid decline of many types of herbs all over the world. It is best to try to find sources that are organically grown rather than wildcrafted. A list of general plant immune boosters is below, although specific herbs will be indicated for specific cases by a trained herbologist. And before starting any new supplement, please read up on the supplement and ask a good herbologist. 2 great books on herbs are the "Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal" by David Hoffmann and "Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats" by Mary Wulff-Tilford and Gregory L. Tilford.

  1. fresh garlic

  2. Echinacea
  3. goldenseal
  4. astragalus
  5. kelp
  6. alfalfa
  7. cat's claw, or una de gato
  8. pau d'arco
  9. Burdock
  10. gingko biloba
  11. milk thistle
  12. nettles
  13. oregon grape
  14. parsley
  15. red clover
  16. turmeric
  17. turkey rhubarb
  18. Blue Flag
  19. Cleavers
  20. dandelion
  21. figwort
  22. fumitory
  23. Queen's delight
  24. sarsparilla
  25. yellow dock
  26. acidophilus
  27. CoEnzyme
  28. germanium
  29. digestive enzymes
  30. raw thymus, lymph, spleen and bone marrow

Vitamins and minerals are very important too. All are important at some level, although some need to be in much larger amounts than others. Earl Mindell has an excellent book out entitled "Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible" - I suggest you check out a copy and see what your needs for proper vitamin and mineral supplementation are.

A nutritionally-minded doctor can really help you decide to supplement with, and indeed should be consulted before starting any new supplement, even natural supplements. Earl Mindell's book gives a nice long listing of addresses/phone numbers for organizations of naturally-minded professionals.

I hope this gives you an idea of where to start building up that immune system - please do some reading to find out what is best for you!

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